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  1. Overview
  2. Selection Committee
  3. Audi Athlete of the Year
  4. Coach of the Year
  5. Helly Hansen Volunteer of the Year
  6. Minogue Award of Excellence
  7. Ski Racing Club of the Year
  8. Helly Hansen Resort of the Year
  9. Nancy Greene Builder Award
  10. Timelines
  11. Voting and Nomination Process


Alpine Canada Alpin’s (ACA) national awards program recognizes outstanding performance and contributions in the sport of ski racing. ACA recognizes various categories to honour recipients for their dedication, athletic success, performance and passion for the sport of ski racing. The national awards program also recognizes the invaluable contributions of key stakeholders in the ongoing success of our athletes and sport

The following categories are recognized by ACA:

  • Athlete of the Year: Male/Female (Alpine,Para-Alpine, Ski Cross) 
  • Fan Favourite 
  • Coach of the Year (High-Performance & Club) 
  • Helly Hansen Volunteer of the Year 
  • Minogue Award of Excellence 
  • Ski Racing Club of the Year 
  • Helly Hansen Resort of the Year 
  • Nancy Greene Builder Award;

Selection process and selection criteria are outlined below:

Selection Committee

Nominations and award winners will be determined by the Awards Selection Committee, consistent with the criteria as established below, and is comprised of the following individuals:

  1. Emily Brydon, Alumni, Committee Chair
  2. Gordie Bowles, Western Representative
  3. Nigel Cooper, Eastern Representative
  4. Louis-Pierre Hélie, Alumni, Ski Cross and Alberta Representative
  5. Jean-Sébastien Labrie, Coach, Para-Alpine and Coach Representative
  6. Paul Pinchbeck, Ski Canada industry Representative
  7. Kelly VanderBeek, Alumni and media Representative

Committee members shall be entitled to submit nominations in any of the categories listed below, but shall recuse themselves from voting on any nominee submitted by them.

Audi Athlete of the Year

The ACA Athlete of the Year will be awarded to one Male and one Female athlete from each of the Canadian Ski Teams, - Alpine, Para Alpine and Ski Cross.


The Selection Committee shall determine the Athlete of the Year based upon criteria, which will include:

  • Overall athletic performance quantified by podium finishes and overall standings
  • Dedication both on and off the snow with a passion to pursue all avenues of training to continually better performance both technically and physically
  • Demonstrates a strong sense of mentorship and/or leadership to the rest of their teammates
  • Champions of the sport through participation in events, and in engagement in ski communities, as well as active and shareable social media
  • Fan voting as determined through the ACA online voting process
  • Any other criteria determined by the Committee to be relevant in their selection process

The Committee shall, in its deliberations, provide significant and greater weight to podium achievements and public voting (as compared to other selection criteria), in determining Athletes of the Year winners.

Coach of the Year

The ACA Coach of the Year Award recognizes outstanding coaching performance that results in exceptional and demonstrated athlete advancement in alpine, para-alpine or ski cross racing. Coach of the Year Award shall include no less then two awards:

  • At least one award for Coaches nominated on the basis of their National Team or Provincial Team coaching history 
  • At least one or more Coaches working at the club level 


Nominated coaches must:

  • Be an ACA accredited coach in good standing for the current season
  • Have annual professional development/licensing credits completed and logged with ACA
  • Be working with athletes at any level in Canadian club, PTSO or National Team programs. This includes entry-level programs.

Coaching Performance Criteria

Demonstrated evidence in the following coaching performance areas will be considered:

  • Achievement and Results
  • Leadership and/or Mentorship
  • Retention of athletes
  • Ethical Conduct

Some examples include but are not limited to:

  1. Athlete Achievement on and/or off the hill
    • Athlete and program improvements, ie: ranking improvements, qualification for specific events. 
    • Proven success with skill development and athletic progression. 
    • Achieves outstanding individual or team placings and/or rankings
    • Produces winning results
    • Implements high quality programs on and/or off the snow
    • Integrates physical conditioning activities into programs
  2. Leadership and/or Mentorship
    • Leads by example being recognized as a role model to athletes and other coaches.
    • Integrates a variety of resources that lead to outstanding individual performance and/or overall program progress.
    • Mentors other coaches; making those around them better
    • Implements new or innovative techniques that are shown to produce an outstanding outcome
  3. Retention/Progression
    • Shows evidence that participants are coming back year after year.
    • Shows evidence that the program has grown year over year under their direction
    • Consistently move athletes up to a higher program level within the system.
  4. Ethical Conduct
    • Demonstrates conduct that brings credit to the profession, the sport and/or their program.
    • Conducts themselves according to the highest standards of ethical behaviour.


Note: ACA will verify coach credentials and membership in good standing status.

Helly Hansen Volunteer of the Year

Recognizes one or more Volunteers in the sport of Canadian ski racing who have made an extraordinary contribution to their Club, Province or Territory, and to the sport in general.


The ACA Volunteer of the Year Award is open to volunteers across the country, participating in the sport of ski racing in any capacity, at any level. This award recognizes the important role of volunteers in the sport of ski racing, in programs, events and related activities.

Nomination criteria

  1. The nomination process is open to volunteers who give back at any level of competition across the country
  2. Volunteers in any capacity to the sport, whether on-course, in-office, etc., may be nominated
  3. An unwavering commitment to the sport demonstrated throughout the year
  4. A strong passion for ski racing, ski programs and the sport in general
  5. A volunteer who continually strives to learn more and do better in their work
  6. Provides outstanding service to the sport

Minogue Award of Excellence

The Minogue Award of Excellence is awarded to one emerging ACA athlete who demonstrates excellence in all aspects of their athletic year. A cash bursary of $10,000 will be awarded to the Athlete chosen to receive this award.

Selection criteria:

  1. All ACA athletes on the Alpine, Para-Alpine and Ski Cross Teams , participating as a selected member of the Team for three (3) years or less are automatically eligible for consideration. In the event of injury or leave of absence due to academic requirements, this three (3) year period may be extended by up to one additional year at the discretion of the committee.
  2. Overall athletic performance must be outstanding and quantified by podium finishes and overall standings, and continued improvement of performance.
  3. Dedication both on and off the snow with a passion to pursue all avenues of training to continually better performance both technically and physically.
  4. The athlete should be a positive influence and contribute back to their community.
  5. All eligible Athletes are invited to submit an overview (video and/or written) in support of their nomination.

Ski Racing Club of the Year

The Ski Racing Club of the Year is awarded to one or more Canadian Ski Racing clubs that has distinguished themselves in providing exceptional ski racing programming, supporting the development of athletic success. Nominations for Club of The Year may be made by a recognized provincial or territory ski association, or duly authorized representative of any sanctioned Club within Canada. Nominations should clearly outline the specific accomplishment of a nominated club (club racers performance at the provincial, national or international level, graduation of club racers to their respective provincial teams, commitment professional development for club coaching staff, etc.)

Helly Hansen Resort of the Year

The Ski Resort of the Year is awarded to one or more Canadian Ski Resorts who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to Canadian ski racing, through support of local, provincial or national ski racing programs, including training, competition and related activities. Nominations for Ski Resort of The Year may be made by any recognized ski club or provincial or territory ski association.

Nancy Greene Builder Award

ACA recognizes each year the extraordinary contributions of one or more individuals to Canadian Ski Racing. This award, is granted at the discretion of the Selection Committee and is intended to recognize one or more individual’s lifetime contributions to Canadian Ski Racing. ACA welcomes nominations to the Builder Award category by way of direct communication with the Chair of the Selection Committee. All such nominations should be forwarded to: Nominations should be submitted on or before April 17, 2020.

Audi 2020 Canadian Ski Racing Award Guide Timelines

  • Wednesday, March 18, 2020 – Voting and nominations will commence
  • Wednesday, April 17, 2020 – Voting and nomination entries close
  • April 17-22, 2020 – Selection Committee Review & Decisions
  • April 24-27, 2020 – Winners will be advised of award decisions
  • November 5, 2020 – Awards will presented at the Audi 2020 Canadian Ski Racing Awards Gala

Public Voting and Nomination Process

All votes and nominations must be submitted through the following site:

Nominations for Builder of the Year should be forwarded to Cory Thistlethwaite directly as noted above.

Contact Information

Cory Thistlethwaite
Director, Partnerships
T: 647-531-6038