Alpine Canada’s goal is to partner with our divisions in offering a progression of development opportunities and programs for young athletes at every stage of their development

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The following are a list of programs and projects offered by Alpine Canada and its divisions at various stages of the athlete-development pathway. These programs and projects were developed to support and complement the current network of clubs, regional teams and other alpine ski racing programs in Canada.

Snow Stars Skill Development Program

Snow Stars is a skill-development tool for young skiers operated by Alpine Canada since 2004.

This seven-step program will guide the child, coach and parent through a progression that is aligned with the Long Term Athlete Development Plan (AIM 2 WIN).

Optimal motor-skill development takes place primarily between aged five to 12. For this reason, the program is aimed generally at young skiers from Entry level to the end of U14. Snow Stars provides clubs and coaches guidance through the early "Windows of Trainability" when it is critical to carry out the "Right Athletic Development at the Right Time."

The goal of Snow Stars is to provide a solid foundation and knowledge base – physical, technical, tactical and mental – upon which to build children’s athletic abilities.

Snow Stars encourages the development of skiers and ski racers of all ability levels. It also encourages children to discover a pathway to the joy of skiing, competition and excellence in a fun and rewarding environment.

Rising Star Camps

Aimed at the U16 and U18 age categories and the Learn to Race and Train to Race stages of the alpine ski racing LTAD, the goal of the Rising Star Training Camps is to bring athletes from all parts of Canada, and sometimes from other nations, together to create a high-level training environment and offer benchmarking opportunities.

Carving The Future - Para-Alpine Training Camps

Carving the future camps are held throughout Canada each year as an opportunity for athletes, parents, and coaches to experience para-alpine ski racing.

These camps are an excellent opportunity for athletes to learn more about Para-Alpine ski racing in Canada, as well as develop technical skills and working with Alpine Canada coaches and Staff.

For more information, please contact Mark Newton, Para-Alpine Sport & Development Manager:


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