It is a pleasure to announce the 2019 Canadian Masters’ Alpine Team (CMAT).

The criteria for qualifying for CMAT are:

Minimum of 5 starts in any races scheduled on the 2017/18 Masters’ National Calendar for which World Cup points are awarded – see http://alpinecanadamasters.racing/?page_id=1070&lang=en .
Minimum of 2 starts at any of the events listed on the National Calendar outside one's home region.
Must have a Master’s National or FIS card (weekend competitor cards do not qualify).
Must be a Canadian citizen.
Winners are those with the highest total score of the racer’s 7 best results (minimum 5); 2 from each gender and age category i.e. 1 from the East and 1 from the West. In the event of a tie, both racers are selected.

These criteria are designed to promote:

Participation, both within and outside of each racer’s home region.
Performance once these criteria have been met.

Racers who strive to obtain a spot on the CMAT do so for their own individual and personal reasons. However, each member of 2019 CMAT is to be commended on their participation and results, having met the criteria and excelling.

The following Masters met the criteria and had the top points within their age categories:

Gender, Age Category, Name, Province (# years on CMAT)

F 70-74 EDGAR Patty AB (6)

F 65-69 FERA Joy BC (9)

F 60-64 CHADWICK Sharon ON (3)

F 60-64 COLLINS Irene AB (4)

F 55-59 SUNDBERG Hannele ON (7)

F 50-54 WOHLBERG Cynthia AB (2)

F 45-49 SMITH Melanie ON (3)

F 45-49 KARLSEN Kristine AB (1)

F 40-44 MAMO Kareen QC (4)

F 40-44 MASON Christine AB (2)

F 35-39 NERO Donya AB (5)

F 30-34 ALLIE Tracy AB (1)

M 80-84 TRUSSLER David BC (4)

M 75-79 IBLE Keith AB (4)

M 70-74 BÉGIN Pierre QC (7)

M 70-74 LAJOIE Jules BC (6)

M 65-69 LANGMAID Bob ON (2)

M 65-69 GLODKIEWICZ Adam AB (3)

M 60-64 RENAUD Vincent QC (5)

M 60-64 SULE William AB (1)

M 55-59 SEVACK Lloyd QC (8)

M 55-59 HARLEY Richard BC (2)

M 50-54 RICARD Stephane QC (2)

M 50-54 GEE Darren AB (4)

M 45-49 SHAWYER Scott ON (1)

M 45-49 DAWSON Andrew AB (7)

M 40-44 WALKER David ON (3)

M 40-44 MCCLINTOCK Justin AB (1)

M 35-39 PLANTE Martin QC (1)

M 35-39 BARTON Jason AB (8)

M 30-34 KENNEDY Adam AB (7)

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