Calgary, Alta. (March 8, 2018) – Alpine Canada and its athletes have just completed one of the most successful Olympics ever for the organization, with two gold medals, a silver medal from ski cross, and several significant personal and discipline bests for our up and coming racers on the alpine side. Alpine Canada congratulates and encourages everyone to join in celebrating the extraordinary success of ski cross athletes, Brady Leman, Kelsey Serwa and Britt Phelan on their medal performances. Leman and Serwa won gold and Phelan a silver medal, the most ever won by a ski cross team at the Olympics. The ski cross program at Alpine Canada has been incredibly successful and the hard work and dedication of the organization’s athletes and staff have been paramount to this success.

Unfortunately, on February 24, 2018, in PyeongChang, South Korea, Willy Raine, ski cross Athletic Director, and Dave Duncan, ski cross athlete, were involved in a serious incident. They accessed a vehicle they believed they were authorized to use to return to their lodging. In the process of returning to the Olympic Village the police stopped the vehicle and it was determined they were not authorized to use the vehicle and that Raine was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. They were both charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. Raine was also charged with allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

Alpine Canada has taken this incident very seriously and is committed to following due process. Our first priority was to ensure the safe return of our people, which was achieved thanks to the tremendous support provided by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), which we thank wholeheartedly.

Alpine Canada extends its sincerest apologies to all Canadians, athletes of Alpine Canada and Team Canada, as well as the Korean government, Alpine Canada stakeholders, sponsors and donors for the behaviour and actions that are contrary to the values of the organization. ACA also apologizes to the COC for a situation that caused a great deal of time and effort to help resolve.

Following this regrettable incident, Mr. Raine has resigned from his position at Alpine Canada and Mr. Duncan has been suspended from competition until further notice.

Alpine Canada is immensely proud of its athletes and the results they achieved. We are also proud of the values that we work to abide by, and the importance of strict adherence to our codes of conduct.

We appreciate the many messages of understanding and support, and thank all of our stakeholders for their ongoing support as we move forward.


Alpine Canada is the national governing body for alpine, para-alpine and ski cross racing in Canada. With the support of valued corporate partners along with the Government of Canada, Own the Podium and the Canadian Olympic Committee, Alpine Canada develops Olympic, Paralympic, world championship and World Cup medallists to stimulate visibility, inspiration and growth in the ski community.


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