Canada Ski Team Announces 2021-22 Team Nominations

Canada Ski Team Announces 2021-22 Team Nominations

Calgary, AB (June 4, 2021) – The Canada Ski Teams are ready to take on the world in the 2021-22 season and today Alpine Canada Alpin is pleased to announce the athletes who have met published nomination criteria. As the world prepares for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics and another great World Cup season ahead, this group of proud Canadians are ready to reach for their peak and inspire Canadians to thrive in winter along side them. 

The teams will spend the spring and summer months training in preparation for next season. The Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team and Canadian Ski Cross Team are based out of the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific in Whistler, BC while the Canadian Alpine Ski Team relies heavily on the Canadian Sport Institute in Calgary with athletes training in their home provinces over the summer. 

The Canada Ski Teams will be formally introduced in the fall.

Athlete nominations are based on meeting published nomination criteria which are available at

Canadian Alpine Ski Team

Men’s Team Lead: Mark Tilston         

Women’s Team Lead: Manuel Gamper 

Ali Nullmeyer (Georgian Peaks Ski Club, Aug. 21, 1998) 
Amelia Smart (Panorama Ski Club, Aug. 1, 1998) 
Asher Jordan (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Nov. 23, 1999)
Britt Richardson (Calgary Alpine Racing Club, May 25, 2003) 
Broderick Thompson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, April 19, 1994) 
Brodie Seger (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Dec. 28, 1995) 
Cameron Alexander (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, May 31, 1997) 
Cassidy Gray (Team Panorama Ski Club, Jan. 25, 2001) 
Erik Read (Banff Alpine Racers, May 31, 1991) 
Erin Mielzynski (Georgian Peaks Ski Club, May 25, 1990) 
James Crawford (Whistler Mountain Ski Club/Georgian Peaks Ski Club, May 3, 1997) 
Jeffrey Read (Banff Alpine Racers, Oct. 1, 1997) 
Kyle Alexander (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, March 17, 1999) 
Laurence St-Germain (Club de Ski Mt-Sainte-Anne, May 30, 1994) 
Liam Wallace (Sunshine Alpine Racers, Sept. 3, 1999) 
Marie-Michèle Gagnon (Mont Orignal, April 25, 1989) 
Riley Seger (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, April 21, 1997) 
Roni Remme (Alpine Ski Club, Feb. 14, 1996) 
Sam Mulligan (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club, Feb. 20, 1997)
Trevor Philp (Banff Alpine Racers, May 1, 1992)
Valerie Grenier (Club de Ski Mont-Tremblant, Oct. 30, 1996) 

Canadian Ski Cross Team 

Head Coach: Stanley Hayer 

Abby McEwen (Sunridge Ski Club, Nov. 9, 1996) 
Antoinette Tansley (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club / Alberta Ski Cross, June 13, 1997)
Brady Leman (Calgary Alpine Racing Club, October 16, 1986) 
Brittany Phelan (Club de Ski Mont-Tremblant, Sept. 24, 1991) 
Carson Cook (Snow Valley Racing, March 11, 1998) 
Chris Del Bosco (Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, March 30, 1982) 
Courtney Hoffos (Windermere Valley Ski Club, August 30, 1997) 
Gavin Rowell (Prince George Ski Club, June 2, 1999) 
Hannah Schmidt (Club de Ski Mont-Tremblant, August 4, 1994) 
India Sherret (Kimberley Alpine Team, May 29, 1996) 
Jared Schmidt (Club de Ski Mont-Tremblant, April 18, 1997) 
Kevin Drury (Georgian Peaks Ski Club, July 20, 1988) 
Kris Mahler (Craigleith Ski Club, Feb. 26, 1995)
Marielle Thompson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, June 15, 1992) 
Reece Howden (Apex Ski Club, July 12, 1998) 
Tiana Gairns (Prince George Ski Club, July 1, 1998)
Zach Belczyk (Sunshine Alpine Racers/Alberta Ski Cross, June 19, 1996)
Zoe Chore (Kimberly Alpine Ski Team, Feb. 26, 1998) 

Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team

Head Coach: Jean-Sébastien Labrie

Alana Ramsay (CADS Alberta, Dec. 22, 1994) 
Alexis Guimond (Club de Ski Mont-Tremblant, June 11, 1999)
Brian Rowland (Calabogie Ski Racing Club , March 14, 1986)
Frédérique Turgeon (Club de ski Bromont, March 25, 1999)
Kurt Oatway (Regina Alpine Race Team/Saskatchewan Alpine, Feb. 23, 1984) 
Logan Leach (Guide: Julien Petit) (SilverStar Racing Team, Oct. 1, 2002) 
Mac Marcoux (Guide: Tristan Rodgers) (Searchmont Ski Runners, June 20, 1997) 
Michaela Gosselin (Osler Bluff Ski Club, January 31, 2001) 
Mollie Jepsen (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Sept. 17, 1999) 


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