National Coaches Week, which runs this year from September 21st to 29th, 2019 is a time to celebrate the positive impact coaches have on athletes and their communities across Canada. 

Calgary, Alta. (September 19, 2019) – Coaches play a valuable role in athlete development and performance, as well as the responsibility of providing an environment that promotes athletes' health and safety. In addition to sport specific skills, coaches are also required to excel at organizing, communicating while being a role model and teacher.

“One coach that really stands out to me is Duane Baird. He coached me through my club years as well as on the Alberta team,” says Erik Read, member of the Canadian Alpine Ski team. “His attention to detail really stood out to me and is a quality that I bring into my everyday ski racing life today.” 

While coaches play an essential role in their athlete's sport experience, it's not uncommon for individual athletes to look to their coaches for leadership. Coaches have a significant impact on athletes' personal lives and goals. 

“One of the best coaches of my life is Guillaume Barre from the Mount Tremblant Ski Club. He really brought me to another level when it comes to skiing and I’m glad I had him in my career,” says Alexis Guimond, member of the Canadian Para Alpine Ski Team. “I think its thanks to him that I’m here today. It’s really great to still be in contact with him and to be able to go to Mount Tremblant and get out to ski with him.” 

Coaches teach the importance of teamwork, instill the benefits of a positive attitude, and build work ethic. They provide athletes' opportunities to develop their leadership skills and strong coaches model essential values such as respect, honesty and fairness. 

“Sead Causevicis my current coach right now, as well as Stanley Hayer and Jordan Williams. They’re all awesome coaches and they were all there at the Olympic Games. To be able to have celebrated our success with them there, it was really cool,” says 2018 Winter Olympic Games Silver medalist Brittany Phelan, member of the Canadian Ski Cross Team. “To see your coaches’ cry out of happiness is a pretty special thing. I think I saw them all cry the day Kelsey and I won our Olympic medals. That was a pretty special thing. It brought us all closer, when we saw firsthand how much everyone cared and was invested in that race and our careers. They are a huge part of what we do, I’m super thankful for all of them, and all of the effort and help that they put into making us the best we can be.”

Alpine Canada invites coaches, parents and athletes to join us in celebrating National Coaches Weekby sending a shout out to a coach who has inspired them using the #CoachesWeek and #ThanksCoach tags on your favorite social media platform.

For more information on events happening in your region, visit The Coaching Association of Canada or contact your Provincial or Territorial Coaching Representative and by following along on social media using #CoachesWeek and #ThanksCoach.

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