National Coaches Week Coaches Profile: Agneta Platter

National Coaches Week Coaches Profile: Agneta Platter

Without coaches, we would not be able to compete against the best in the world. National Coaches Week is a time to celebrate the impact that coaches have on athletes across the country. Alpine Canada is lucky to have some incredible coaches working with the Canadian Alpine, Para-Alpine and Ski Cross Teams, supporting them in their quest for the podium. 

We are excited to take this opportunity to recognize all ski coaches across the country who are helping skiers develop a love for ski racing, skiing and the great outdoors. 

All week we’ll be highlighting some of the coaches who work with our Team Canada Ski Teams.

Name: Agneta Platter
Team: Canadian Alpine Ski Team
Role: Head of Strength & Conditioning Alpine Men 

1.     How long have you been a coach? 

I started with the Swedish Women’s World Cup Team straight out of university in 1992 as a strength and conditioning coach for the Swedish Women’s World Cup Team. -women team, straight from university. That was my first “job”, but I have been coaching on provincial and club-level since 1985. 

2.     Why did you decide to get into coaching? 

I went into coaching because my sister needed a ski coach.  I did all the courses to do it the right way, and I have loved coaching since that very first day. I had also been coaching gymnastics and figure skating.

3.     What is the best thing about your job? 

The best thing about coaching the men’s World Cup team is to help athletes reach their goals, get results, and have both professional and personal success.

4.     What is the best moment of your coaching career? 

There have been many amazing moments in my career, it is hard to pick just one! It does not need to be medals,  it is so many other great moments. Nobody believed in Florian Eisath from Italy he was totally out of the system, with some “bad injuries” to recover from. He drove to my place and asked if I still believed in him, and I said yes. So we started to work together, against all odds. To see him on the podium in Alta Badia had me in tears. 

Erik and Manny, in St Moritz at the Alpine World Championships in 2017 is also hard to beat. Having Erik in the leaders position Manny crossing the finish line in 3rd, unbelievable, and not predicted! 

I coached Pernilla Wiberg for many years and we have so many great moments so that is a whole book. With Lizz Goergel and Isolde Kostner. There is some unforgettable moments as well.

Getting athletes back on snow after an injury is always special and is hard to describe.

5.     What’s the toughest part about your job?

The hardest part of the job is being away from my family for such long periods. 

6.     What are you most looking forward to about this season? 

This season I’m looking forward to going skiing with Manny and Broderick again, which will cost me some tears. I am looking forward to the start of the race season. We have such a great group of men right now and I am so proud and honored to be a part of this “trip”. There are many exciting days and races to come. 


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