National Coaches Week Coaches Profile: Jean-Sébastian Labrie

National Coaches Week Coaches Profile: Jean-Sébastian Labrie

Without coaches, we would not be able to compete against the best in the world. National Coaches Week is a time to celebrate the impact that coaches have on athletes across the country. Alpine Canada is lucky to have some incredible coaches working with the Canadian Alpine, Para-Alpine and Ski Cross Teams, supporting them in their quest for the podium. 

We are excited to take this opportunity to recognize all ski coaches across the country who are helping skiers develop a love for ski racing, skiing and the great outdoors. 

All week we’ll be highlighting some of the coaches who work with our Team Canada Ski Teams.

Name: Jean-Sébastian Labrie 
Team: Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team
Role: Head Coach 

1.     How long have you been a coach?  

I have been a coach since I am 15 years old.  I coached on weekends while going to CEGEP and Laval University in Quebec City.  Since 1998 I have been a full-time coach and never looked back. I have had some amazing coaching opportunity within my career.

2.     Why did you decide to get into coaching?  

I did not decide to get into coaching, ski racing and coaching choose me.  The combination of the travel lifestyle and working with and developing young, passionate athletes.  My why is evolving with time but I still find challenges that keep me fresh and motivated.  

3.     What is the best thing about your job?   

The best thing about my job is that it helps me be a better person in my personal life.  I’ve got to meet unbelievable people through my journey so far, notto mention how many sunrises I am witnessing with every year that passes. ��    

4.     What is the best moment of your coaching career?  

Wouldn't be fair to pinpoint one moment but each time the Paralympic Games are over we get to celebrate the athlete's performances with the whole team.  It is always a special moment to lookback at the 4 years journey that brought us here.  Medal or not. 

5.     What’s the toughest part about your job?  

I think communication has to be the toughest part of a coach’s job.Setting expectations and making sure the whole team (staff and athlete) is heading in the same direction with common goal.   

6.     What are you most looking forward to about this season?  

With COVID we missed our race block in Norway last year that was meant to be a test event for this year World Championship, we are hopeful to return this year and get to ski fast on the Norwegian ski hills.  


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