Calgary, AB (April 8, 2022) -- Alpine Canada is pleased to announce that Will Marshall has accepted the position of head coach for the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team beginning May 1, 2022 as Jean-Sébastien (JS) Labrie moves on after 16 years with the organization, holding the position of head coach of the para-alpine team from 2007-2010, and 2012 to 2022.

“It means a lot to be chosen for this opportunity and I’m excited to build on the incredible momentum that’s been fostered over the past 16 years with JS’s leadership,” says Marshall. “We’re so fortunate to retain most our staff from the past four years and we’re all hungry to continue to grow, debrief and continually search for improvement in all areas.”

Labrie led the CPAST team through four Paralympic Games, each with an outstanding record of success: In Vancouver, the team collected 13 of Canada’s 19 medals. Four years later in Sochi, it was an eight medal haul out of 16. The parade to the podium continued in PyeongChang with 10 more medals and most recently the team returned from Beijing with another six.

“He’s the reason the culture is what it is today,” says Matt Hallat, High Performance Director for the team. “One of the key figures, if not the key figure, in the last 16 years of the team. I can’t put into words what that has meant over the last decade and a half.”

“Having the opportunity to work with JS has been the highlight of my career,” adds Mollie Jepsen, who returned home from Beijing with a gold and a silver medal. “It’s not every day you get to work with someone who is as knowledgeable, caring, determined and driven as JS. I have everything to thank him for! It’s been a month since the Games, and since my last races with JS as my coach, and I am still struggling to put words to how much of an impact he has had on my life and how grateful I am to him for everything. The entire Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team and circuit is better because of him!”

“The Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team is surrounded by so many smart and talented individuals who share a common goal: to compete and be the best in the world on any given day,” adds Marshall. “It’s extremely energizing to step into the next quad and embrace the challenges and hurdles as they come. As we reflect on the past 4 years, and we look to take our findings and search for more, raise the bar of the entire sport.”

Marshall, who has been with the team for the last seven years, has put his passion and work ethic behind this team first from the head office in Calgary then from the slopes. His dedication combined with the mentorship that Labrie has provided has set Marshall up well to take on this next challenge. 

“He [Will] has learned an immense amount. JS and Will have been an amazing team, and Will was the natural choice for head coach as he’s taken on more of those responsibilities year in and year out and he’s the most prepared to understand what the role is and prepare our team for the next quadrennial and Games,” says Hallat. 

“I’m super stoked to have one of our own taking over the role of head coach,” says Jepsen. “I can’t wait to see what he does with the program!”


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