Mackenzie Women in Ski Racing

What is the Women in Ski Racing Program?

ACA is committed to encouraging equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in its policies, programs, and activities. Explicitly built into our Safe Sport and EDI Policies, ACA is committed to providing equity-deserving groups an inclusive range of opportunities. We recognize the intersectional experiences for many of our participants and acknowledge that these present threats to wellbeing and access to sport. ACA is committed to enhancing opportunities for self-identifying women (hereafter: women) across the Canadian skiing community. ACA’s Women in Ski Racing Program is grounded in: 

  • Empowering girls and women to develop lifelong participation in sport, 
  • Creating a sense of belonging among women and girls in the ski community, 
  • Prioritizing mental and physical health, and well-being,  
  • Creating leadership opportunities for women exploring ski coaching pathways.


  • Encourage women and girls to value and stay in sport
  • Empower women to strive for their full potential in sport and society
  • Develop elite women alpine ski coaches, who will act as educators and mentors to other aspiring women coaches across Canada;
  • Create a supportive, professional coaching culture in Canada;
  • Create opportunities for athletes and coaches to develop their skills and confidence with the support of peers and mentors

  • Level Up Initiative

    Alpine Canada is excited to announce additional program support for the Mackenzie Women In Ski Racing Program through the launch of the Coaching Level Up initiative. Alpine Canada, through the support of Mackenzie Investments, will be providing $10,000 in subsidies to select females across Canada to enable their efforts to “level up” in coach education.

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