Alpine Canada’s third-party insurance provider reaches settlement agreement with Allison Forsyth

Alpine Canada shares athletes’ resolve to confront historical wrongs and demand change

  • Agreement addresses historical claims of wrongdoing experienced by Alpine Canada’s athlete between 1996 and 1998
  • Following Board and leadership change, Alpine Canada has taken deliberate action to create a healthy, safe and inclusive environment as a leader in safe sport
  • As an organization, Alpine Canada apologizes to Allison and commends her strength and resolve

On October 3rd, 2023 Alpine Canada’s third-party insurance provider reached an agreement with former athlete Allison Forsyth relating to historical claims of wrongdoing, including sexual assault, by former national ski coach Bertrand Charest from 1996 through 1998.

Alpine Canada supports the victims and survivors who demonstrated courage and conviction in bringing his abuse to light, and condemns his predatory behaviour in the strongest possible terms. Coaches at every level of every sport hold a unique position of power. Abuse in any form cannot and will not be tolerated or excused.

Alpine Canada recognizes that it should have done more to support Allison with the necessary resources and treatment after her 1998 disclosure of abuse and apologizes for this failure. 

“We are deeply saddened by Allison’s experience, repulsed by her abuser’s actions, and apologize for the harm she experienced,” said Therese Brisson, President and CEO, Alpine Canada Alpin. “Our athletes deserve nothing less than safe, inclusive, and supportive training and competition environments that empower each individual to achieve their potential and reach their goals. The health and wellbeing of our athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers comes first, always.”

Alpine Canada had a complete turnover of its Board in 2019 and senior management change in 2020.  Under this new leadership, Alpine Canada has made it a priority and taken deliberate action to create a healthy, safe and inclusive environment for Canadian skiers and is striving to be a leader in its commitment to safe sport. Allison’s engagement with Alpine Canada has contributed to Alpine Canada’s purposeful overhaul of its culture and organization.

The terms of the settlement remain between Allison and the third-party insurer.  Alpine Canada has committed to making a donation to the Canadian Centre for Mental Health & Sport of $15,000 spread equally over the next three years to continue to advance safe sport and the support of athletes’ well-being.  Most importantly, Alpine Canada supports Allison’s continued ability to discuss her experience without any restrictions. Alpine Canada shares Allison’s passion and conviction in moving forward with strength in continuing to develop an inclusive and safe sport culture. 

As an organization, Alpine Canada thanks Allison, and the victims who had the courage to come forward to demand change and hopes that this acknowledgement and apology makes a meaningful difference in her healing process.

Alpine Canada has implemented the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS) and has fully transitioned to the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC) to administer any safe sport complaints.

Alpine Canada is committed to Safe Sport.  Anyone who experiences or believes they have witnessed abuse or maltreatment in sport should contact, or phone 1-888-837-7678. In Quebec, please contact 1-833-211-AIDE (2433).

For more details or to learn more about what Alpine Canada is doing to create a healthy and safe sport environment please refer the Q&A here

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