PDFs and Forms


FIS rules
National competition rule book
Alpine Canada certification of race officials 
Alpine entry form for non-FIS events 
Alpine Canada referee report posting form 
Alpine Canada start/finish time recording form 
Alpine Canada snowseed per cent table 
Alpine Canada protest form 
Alpine Canada technical delegate report form 
Race personnel assignment sheet 
Alpine Canada team captains’ meeting agenda 
Alpine Canada electronic time recording sheet 
Alpine Canada start/finish referee recording form 
Hand time of day worksheet 
Alpine Canada minutes of jury decision or protest 
Alpine Canada race incident report form 
National race quality report 
National TD technical report 
Distribution of documents for FIS events
Jury qualifications for jury members and others 
Racer down protocol 
Checklist for Continental Cup organizers 

Gate judge material
Gate judge card 
Printing your gate judge cards 
Gate judge information 
Guidelines for gate judges 
Guidelines for the chief of gates 
Gate maintenance - snow damage types and repair technique 
Gate volunteer checklist

Timing material
National timing report information 
National timing booklet 
National technical timing report
Hand-timing form
Draw Timer Results Interface System (dTris)

Barry B-net system
Barry B-net installation
Barry B-net pocket guide
Barry B-net system website

Alpina B-net system
Alpina B-net installation 
Alpina B-net system website

Liski B-net system
Liski B-net installation 
Liski B-net instructions

SPM B-net system
SPM B-net guidelines

Race course dye presentation 
Race course dye summary


IPC rules and regulations
Para-alpine key features
Para-alpine start manual

Ski cross

Level One officials' manual
Level One event management presentation 
Level One safety presentation
Training day grid
Competition day grid
Ski cross event manual
FIS Freestyle international competition rules
FIS Freestyle points rules

Ski cross course guidelines
Ski cross gate judge card
Ski cross FIS event ladders
Ski cross open event ladders

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